Alpine Mobile

Distribution focused on delivering best user experience on their tablet or mobile phone. It offers simple, but powerful Linux interface based on GNOME foundation.

Technical background

  • Inside devices runs latest Linux mainline kernel with additional polishing patches for better performance and stability.
  • System is assembled with latest toolchain.
  • UI based on latest Purism work (Phoc compositor and Phosh shell) based on Wayland.
  • Networking done with modern IWD daemon together with NetworkManager.
  • VPN provided by WireGuard kernel module.
  • Storage is managed by F2FS from Samsung.
  • Based on upstream work (projects Alpine and pmOS)

Supported devices

At this moment, project is primary focused on Nvidia Tegra tablets.

Tier 1

These devices have excellent support and should work very well.

Tier 2

These devices work, but may need more work to have great user experience.

  • Asus Iconia Tab A500 (acer-picasso)
  • Asus Transformer Pad (asus-tf300t)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (samsung-p4 & samsung-p4wifi)

Tier 3

These devices might work, but need someone who will test them or improve.

  • Asus Iconia Tab A200 (acer-picasso_e)
  • Ouya (ouya-ouya)


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We're hanging at Matrix channel AlpineMobile