Vendor specific

Radeons with EXA support (9700 - HD6000)

  • Set Option “DRI” “3” in Xorg.conf
  • you can check DRI3 in Xorg.log

Radeon with GLAMOR support (HD6000 - latest)

  • Set Option “DRI” “3” in Xorg.conf
  • for the HD 6000 series you may want enable Option “AccelMethod” “glamor” in your xorg.conf files for getting better performance
  • Look for DRI3 enabled in Xorg.log
  • The Radeon DDX was recently updated with vsync support with DRI3, so you should have no issues now.


  • DRI3 is enabled by default when using glamor as of nouveau DDX version 1.0.11, but it is buggy currently (imirkin)

How to verify that DRI3 is running?

  • this will work only for Mesa-3D with debug enabled OR libgl1-mesa-glx-dbg package on Ubuntu!
  • run glxgears or any simple application with gdb app_name
  • break dri3_swap_buffers will set a breakpoint in dri3_swap_buffers
  • Answer y to Function “dri3_swap_buffers” not defined.
  • run and it should stop at this function. If it doesn't, you're not using DRI3 OR you compiled with –disable-dri3 for VSync. If it's the latter, this is expected and everything should still work.